I have been attending Julia's classes for seven years following concerns over a lower back pain which was not eased with physiotherapy. I therefore wanted to improve my core strength, flexibility and posture to permanently keep my back healthy and my stomach flat! I have had no back pain since and an additional plus is that it has improved my golf!

Julia is highly qualified and knowledgable but what keeps me coming back is her exuberant, bubbly personality which makes her classes really fun.

Pamela Stapeley

Julia is a wonderful teacher – very professional, knowledgeable, experienced and careful in her approach. She is also an absolute delight to be with and makes the classes thoroughly enjoyable.

My whole body has benefited from the Pilates – it is much stronger, more supple and flexible and any very occasional minor twinges in my back (for example after excessive gardening) are gone the next day.

I wish I had started Pilates years ago!

Julia Hamilton

Pilates is popular simply because of the range of benefits it provides. As with any form of exercise, regular Pilates workouts help to burn calories and aid weight loss. The nature of the exercises – focusing on eccentric muscle contraction – also helps develop long, lean muscles, which in turn has a slimming effect on your appearance. Pilates is therefore popular with those looking to lose weight. As a low impact form of exercise involving flowing, controlled movements, Pilates is popular with older people or those with limited mobility.

Pilates is also used with professional athletes or those who would consider themselves to have a high level of fitness, such as keen runners and triathletes. For professional athletes, Pilates can improve flexibility and therefore performance, but also engender good posture and body alignment, limiting the risk of injury. For runners, or others participating regularly in repetitive motion or high impact sports, Pilates can again realign the body’s movements and help avoid injury.

People of all ages and fitness levels can therefore enjoy Pilates!